Labor protection supplies industry news

Tue Jun 14 2022 Jessie Jiang

In recent years, my country's labor protection products industry has made great progress.

Under the favorable environment of the country's continuous strengthening of safety production and occupational health supervision, some enterprises that were originally very weak have emerged a number of enterprises with an annual production and operation volume exceeding 100 million yuan. Among them, products such as safety shoes and hats, work clothes and protective gloves have occupied a considerable share in the international market.

The Labor Protection Products Alliance was established in Beijing on September 20. The alliance is a voluntary national non-profit industry self-regulatory organization composed of relevant labor protection product manufacturers, distributors, end-users, scientific research institutes, testing and inspection institutions, etc. Its establishment shows that my country's labor protection products industry has developed to a new stage.

The China Labor Protection Products Alliance learns from the advanced experience of foreign industry associations and pioneers some new operation methods that are different from the previous associations and organizations, creating a good atmosphere of concern for safety and occupational protection in the whole society. For the problems that need to be solved urgently in the development of the industry and the standardization of the market, the alliance will actively "group together" to speak for the enterprise, speak to the competent government departments, and help the enterprise to obtain more channels for appeal and expand the right to speak.

Labor protection supplies industry news
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